In 2020 I enrolled interaction design course at Berghs School of Communication. The course covers the vital essentials of UX design (Research, ideation, prototyping, and implementation).

Deep diving into UX/IxD online course at Berghs School of Communication


Coming from a "Graphic Design" background this course was a perfect way to broader my design skills and learn more about the users. The main project for the course was to create a website for an online grocery store.

User Interviews

We started the course by gathering some knowledge about the target audience. The goal was to find "Pain Points" the user had when grocery shopping.

— User Stories
— User Journeys
— User Interviews

Information Architecture

We built up the information architecture and covered a lot of categories and subcategories also keeping in mind how users group information.

Wireframes & interactive Prototypes

We designed functional prototypes for the users to test. The goal with the interactive prototypes was for the user to add three products to the cart, checkout, and pay for the products.

Look and feel

A light, friendly, and recognizable look and feel was developed to make the UI easy to understand and navigate.

User testing and refining

We performed user tests and documented their experiences by interviewing and asking follow-up questions. With the new insight, we improved the experience.